State Sync

On Aug 15th, 2023, test-core-1 will be deprecated. The new official testnet will be test-core-2. Would request all the current validators to migrate their nodes before that!

State Sync

To aid with node syncing, the following State Sync endpoints are provided.

ProviderMainnet (core-1)Testnet (test-core-2)Testnet (test-core-1)

Cosmonaut Stakes





To use State Sync change the following under config.toml. Choose at least 2 providers for the rpc_servers parameters from the table above.

enable = true
rpc_servers = ","
trust_height = 0
trust_hash = ""
trust_period = "112h0m0s"

Replace trust_height and trust_hash with the output of the following command. Depending if you're syncing a mainnet or testnet node, you might also want to replace the RPC endpoint.

curl -s | jq '.result .sync_info | {trust_height: .latest_block_height, trust_hash: .latest_block_hash} | values'

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