$XPRT Token

The Native Token of the Persistence Ecosystem


$XPRT, the native staking token of the Persistence Core-1 chain, was launched in April 2021 with the vision to fuel a DeFi ecosystem creating innovative use-cases beyond the traditional DeFi primitives we see on most ecosystems today.

The role of $XPRT is to bootstrap ecosystem applications to propel network adoption, and to secure the core infrastructure through staking. $XPRT stakers can also participate in governance to steer the network and contribute to the long-term success of the ecosystem.


$XPRT derives its utility from the wider Persistence ecosystem:

  • Modular apps (e.g. pSTAKE) and dApps built using smart contracts (e.g. DEXter) will leverage the core-1 chain infrastructure, and hence $XPRT, to build use-cases for staked assets.

  • As various apps in the ecosystem will attract staked assets from different ecosystems to the Persistence Chain, the core-1 chain will act as the IBC hub of the Persistence Ecosystem.

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