Token holders decide on the future of the Ecosystem

Off-chain Discussions

At Persistence we believe in an idea-meritocracy, whereby the best idea should always win. We count on the community to bring up new ideas, engage in discussions, think about important topics, and challenge the status quo together. The best place to start or pitch in to any discussions is the Persistence Forum, linked below:

Once certain ideas have gained sufficient support from the community, they can move to the next phase which is on-chain governance, to decide whether the community of XPRT-stakers agrees on whether this path should be followed or not.

On-chain Governance

The Persistence Network has an on-chain governance mechanism for passing proposals, changing consensus parameters and spending funds from the community pool

The easiest way to vote currently is via the Keplr Dashboard, the link below will take you to the governance page for Persistence, where you will see all governance proposals.

More detailed documentation around Governance will follow soon

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