Snapshots & Archival Nodes


To aid with node syncing, the following snapshots are provided.

How to use the backups: Depending on the provider's snapshot, a specific URL above needs to follow a set of instructions. Each table URL has a number attached indicating the usage instructions.

[1] Method One - using wget

  1. Download Snapshot:

    cd ~/.persistenceCore && wget -O persistence_snapshot.tar.gz <SNAPSHOT_URL>
  2. Stop your node.

  3. Backup ~/.persistenceCore/data/priv_validator_state.json.

  4. Extract archive:

    tar zxf ~/.persistenceCore/persistence_snapshot.tar.gz
  5. Important, remove wasm cache which typically present at ~/.persistenceCore/wasm/wasm/cache/modules

  6. Copy & Paste the priv_validator_state.json backup back in ~/.persistenceCore/data/.

  7. Start your node.

[2] Method Two - following the provider's instructions

  1. Visit the provider's website (click the link in the table).

  2. Follow the instructions provided.

Archival Nodes

To aid the retrieval of historical data, the following archival endpoints are provided.

ProtocolProviderMainnet (core-1)Testnet (test-core-2)Testnet (test-core-1)





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