Stake with a validator of your choice and help to secure the network

As the Persistence chain runs on a delegated Proof-of-Stake based Tendermint PBFT consensus engine, staking is integral to ensuring a secure and robust network.

This means that XPRT token holders will be able to delegate their tokens to one of the networks' validators for staking. Stakers will receive staking rewards in the form of XPRT in return for contributing to the security of the network.

Guides (English)

Ever since XPRT staking went live, multiple guides have been published by ecosystem participants. The below list is not in any particular order, and is provided only for informative purposes, it's not an endorsement for any specific participant or validator.

As the technology and tools keeps on evolving, some of the guides might be outdated. If you come across any guides which are outdated, please inform the relevant team directly. To list a new guide, please contact the Persistence Team or submit a PR.

Guides (other languages)

To be added - please reach out on Discord if you've creating staking guides in any languages other than English

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