IBC Relayers

Huge shout-out to our reliable IBC-Relayer operators!

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We encourage everyone to follow and support our IBC-relayer operators


šŸ”’ Delegate to AUDIT.One on CosmosHub, Osmosis, Juno

šŸ”’ Delegate to Cephalopod Equipment Corp on: Osmosis, Cosmos Hub, Regen, Ixo, Juno, Cheqd, Akash, Agoric

šŸ”’ Delegate to Cros-Nest on: Osmosis, Cosmos Hub, Juno, e-money, Crypto.org, Evmos, Fetch.ai, Cronos, Persistence, Comdex, Lum, Chihuahua, Dig, Gravity Bridge, Kava, Ki, Konstellation, Rizon, OmniFlix, Cerberus, Provenance

šŸ”’ Delegate to CryptoCrew Validators on: Osmosis, Cosmos Hub, Terra, Juno, Band Protocol, Stargaze, OmniFlix, Evmos, Gravity Bridge, Comdex, Chihuahua, e-Money, Lum, Bitsong, Vidulum, Dig, Odin šŸ™ Donations accepted @ osmo15md2qvgma8lnvqv67w0umu2paqkqkheg332u7d

šŸ”’ Delegate to DSRV Validators on: Osmosis, Cosmos Hub, Persistence, Axelar, Agoric, Injective, Shetu, Crescent, Provenance, Tgrade, Terra, Stargaze, Chihuahua, Umee, Assetmantle

šŸ”’ Delegate to Architect Nodes on Persistence, Juno, EVMOS, Bitsong, Comdex, Fetch.AI, Gravity Bridge, Stride




Smart Stake


šŸ”’ Delegate to Imperator.co on: Osmosis, Cosmos Hub, Juno, Axelar, Sommelier, Stargaze, Ki, Lum, Comdex, Persistence, Likecoin, Sentinel, Iris, Akash, Medibloc, e-Money, Ixo, Bitsong, Vidulum, Rizon, BitCanna, Sifchain, Konstellation, Odin, OmniFlix, Commercio, Certik

Support us by delegating with us in any of the +35 blockchains that we support :)


Note Operators are requested to maintain this information themselves

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