Persistence JS

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npm install persistenceonejs


PersistenceClient consists of a signingStargateClient and a SigningCowsmWasmClient, referred to as core and wasm respectively.

For querying use PersistenceClient.query, this gives you a tmclient. Usage for a tmclient for querying is based on cosmos-sdk i.e. query path is taken from module locations.

import { PersistenceClient } from "persistenceonejs";

const alice = await PersistenceClient.init(...mnemonic);
const codes = await{});


  • Send Tokens Use persistenceClient.wasm to send contracts via CW20 contract, persistenceClient.wasm is a SigningWasmClient so most of the functionalities are similar to @cosmjs/cosmwasm-stargate. The Signer for this example is a mnemonic wallet.

    import { PersistenceClient, Cw20Contract } from "persistenceonejs";
    import { coins } from "@cosmjs/stargate";
    const alice = await PersistenceClient.init(...mnemonic);
    const [account] = await alice.wallet.getAccounts();
    const aliceaddress = account.address;
    const pstake =
      "persistence14hj2tavq8fpesdwxxcu44rty3hh90vhujrvcmstl4zr3txmfvw9sjvz4fk"; //cw20 token address on chain
    const res = await alice.wasm.execute(
        transfer: {
          recipient: "persistence123em6jp7y96rtylp6tjk9r0dcescl0k4ccqvpu", //recipient address
          amount: "10",
      { amount: coins(2_000_000, "stake"), gas: "200000" },
      logs: [ { msg_index: 0, log: '', events: [Array] } ],
      height: 1354,
      transactionHash: 'B4789783E9FB89FC69AB38F38C3C670612041C7E1EFFB8DF22929681BD52FB4A',
      gasWanted: 200000,
      gasUsed: 75715

    Query Balance

    const balance = await alice.wasm.queryContractSmart(pstake, {
      balance: { address: "persistence123em6jp7y96rtylp6tjk9r0dcescl0k4ccqvpu" },
      balance: "13010";

    Please refer to cowmwasm for more information on how to use CosmWasm.

  • MsgSend A more flexible way to send transaction is by creating a Msg and brodcasting it. This is the preferd way for building large scale applications with multiple components.

    import { cosmos } from "persistenceonejs";
    const sendMsg = {
      typeUrl: "/",
        fromAddress: from,
        toAddress: to,
        amount: amount,
    const res = await alice.core.signAndBroadcast(
      { amount: [{ denom: "uxprt", amount: "10000" }], gas: "100" },
      "test send",

    This method gives a lot more flexibility for an application, additional use case can be found in the helpers.

Gov Proposals

This script lets you upload and initiate a contract via Gov proposals.

NOTE: It is the default method for uploading your own contract to the persistence chain.

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