➡️Round 1 - Closed

In order to receive foundation delegations for this round, it is required to apply through this form before 30/12/2022 - 23.59UTC

Baseline Delegation

Minimum requirements to be met in order to be eligible for any foundation delegation (including bonus delegations).



From 01/01/2023 onwards, all validators will be evaluated continuously against the above criteria. When submitting your application, please ensure that everything is in place to meet the above criteria.

If any of the above criteria are no longer met, the foundation delegation will be immediately removed

Bonus Delegations

The following contributions are deemed valuable to the ecosystem and will earn points towards the calculation of a bonus delegation when submitted in the application form. Note that similar contributions don't necessarily earn similar points. In this first round, the points will be awarded by the Foundation based on deemed necessity, value and uniqueness of the contribution.

Mainnet Contributions


Running IBC Relayers

Running ICA Relayers

Running Graph / subGraph Nodes

Providing API/RPC services

Maintain tooling - Explorers, Wallet Support, Analytics etc.

Testnet Contributions


Run a Testnet Validator (95% uptime + fast responses)

Run a Testnet Faucet

Run Testnet IBC Relayers

Run Testnet ICA Relayers

Providing API/RPC services

Maintain Testnet tooling - Explorers, Wallet Support, Analytics etc.

Community Contributions


Educational Content


Host events

Research Reports

Create and manage regional Persistence Communities

Official Community Moderation

Other Contributions


Contributions to Persistence Github

Contributions to Persistence Documentation

Provide validator support (articles, videos, onboarding)

Successful Talent Referrals

Successful Partnership Referrals (Investors, LPs, Projects)


*To include contributions that are not listed into this Round, please make your case in the Discord channel ‘validators-discussion’.

As the rounds of the Foundation Program progress, the aim is to optimise the program and make the scoring system more community-driven.

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