Leap Wallet

Leap Wallet supports both the coin-types (i.e 118 & 750) wallet addresses.

Coin-type Name on Leap WalletCoin-type

Persistence (New)


Persistence (Old)


Screenshot of both the coin-types in leap wallet.


Note: Migration is only required if you are using 750 Coin-type wallet address.

1. Manual Migration

Manually transfer funds from old coin-type [Persistence (old)] to new coin-type [Persistence (New)].

In Leap Wallet:

  1. Copy the new/118 coin-type wallet persistence address

  2. Go to old/750 coin-type wallet persistence address

  3. Press "Send" and paste the new/118 coin-type wallet address. Select the full amount and hit "Send".

Note: If you have multiple tokens in 750 coin-type wallet persistence address, you will have to repeat this step individually for all tokens.

Do you have staked $XPRT in your wallet address?

  • Immediate solution: Unbond your XPRT and migrate to the newly created coin-type 118 wallet address. (21 days unbonding period)

  • Suggested Migration: After the Implementation of the Liquid Staking Module by Iqlusion on Persistence Core-1 Chain (Timeline not yet confirmed), the stake can be directly transferred to the new coin-type 118 wallet address without unbonding.

2. Automated Migration

This process is unavailable at the moment.

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