Ecosystem Overview

Explore the various parts of the Liquid Staking Hub

The Persistence Ecosystem is growing as it transforms into a Liquid Staking Hub, let's break it down into its components.

The Persistence Foundation

The Persistence Foundation is committed to driving utility for the Persistence ecosystem’s fuel – XPRT. The foundation will engage with all stakeholders to ensure incentive alignment and direct collective efforts toward the ecosystem vision.

The ultimate goal for the foundation is the welfare of the XPRT holders and Stakers by driving utility for the asset.

Persistence Labs

Persistence Labs is committed to building products, applications, and other tools/services on the Persistence network to further the growth of the Persistence liquid staking ecosystem. Persistence labs will also support and/or incubate external teams to build on the Persistence network, provided such teams align with the vision of the Persistence ecosystem.

The two main pillars of Persistence Labs are:

1. The Persistence Core-1 Chain

The absolute core of the ecosystem, the blockchain powering all activity for users and allowing developers to build innovative use cases to become part of the ecosystem

The Research and Validator arm of Persistence Labs, securing multiple Proof-of-Stake networks, driving innovation and adoption of Proof-of-Stake and secure blockchain infrastructure.

A multi-chain Liquid Staking Provider, allowing users to unlock liquidity of staked assets. For Cosmos-based assets, pSTAKE has built a module on top of the Persistence chain. For other assets (ETH, BNB), the implementations are built within their respective ecosystems.

Other Projects

The following projects and teams are building on top of the Persistence chain, thereby becoming a part of the wider ecosystem. While they are able to get support via Persistence Labs, these projects are driven externally.

An interchain DEX for yield-generating assets.

More projects will be announced soon


A set of 100 validators, an absolute critical part to keep the Persistence Ecosystem safe and secure at all times. Besides validation and block production, many of the Persistence Validators are also contributing to governance, infrastructure, tools & analytics for the wider ecosystem.

Persistence DAO

In the pipeline, more information will be announced soon

Community DAO

In the pipeline, more information will be announced soon

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