Persistence Foundation

To foster a flourishing liquid staking ecosystem

Persistence Foundation is committed to driving utility for the Persistence ecosystem’s fuel – XPRT. The foundation will engage with all stakeholders to ensure incentive alignment and direct collective efforts toward the ecosystem vision.

The ultimate goal for the foundation is the welfare of the XPRT holders and Stakers by driving utility for the asset.


XPRT management

  • Ensure adequate incentivization of all stakeholders through the flow of XPRT both within and outside the Persistence ecosystem

  • Maintain deep XPRT liquidity across CEXs and DEXs to allow an increasing number of stakeholders to acquire and interact with the asset

  • Expand the XPRT holder base through educational and community initiatives

  • Engage with stakeholders such as market makers, investors, exchanges, etc.

  • Drive integration of XPRT across wallets, explorers, and other data-management platforms

  • Establish crisis management guidelines for XPRT

Foundation Grants

  • Promote liquid staking innovation by attracting builders to ideate and build exciting products in alignment with the ecosystem vision

  • Offer grants to develop and scale selected projects, leveraging the Persistence tech stack, driving volumes on the chain

  • Assist project teams with strategic partnerships within the ecosystem to help them scale their solutions

  • Foster thought leadership within the liquid staking space

More details on the Grants Program can be found here

Foundation Delegations

  • Facilitate the growth of the validator community by encouraging high-performance and secure node operations

  • Incentivize alignment with validators contributing to the growth of the Persistence ecosystem and decentralization of the Core-1 chain

More details on the Foundation Delegation Program can be found here

Fund Builders and Developers

  • Persistence foundation will fund ecosystem development teams (such as Persistence Labs) at regular intervals to ensure unhindered innovation

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