Persistence Labs

To drive product innovation

Persistence Labs is committed to building products, applications, and other tools/services on the Persistence network to further grow the Persistence liquid staking ecosystem. Persistence labs will also support and/or incubate external teams to build on the Persistence network, provided such teams align with the vision of the Persistence ecosystem.

One can imagine Persistence labs as a dev shop offering end-to-end services for building, deploying, and scaling applications within the Persistence ecosystem. In doing so, the labs will also interact with other labs within and outside the ecosystem to provide builders with the necessary tools to grow in the liquid staking landscape.

Persistence labs is a team of specialists that can help a project through the product development lifecycle. Building with Persistence labs will allow project teams to leverage the existing community of the Persistence ecosystem while also receiving support on the following (non-exhaustive list):

  • Expanding team through identification and onboarding of talent

  • Ideation of product features, business models, GTM strategies, token economics, etc.

  • Design, development, and deployment of dapps on the Persistence Core-1 chain

  • Security audits

  • Gaining traction by leveraging the Persistence community

  • Marketing and Business Development support

  • Investment and incubation opportunities for the projects building high-utility tooling/DeFi primitives for the Persistence ecosystem


Maintenance of the Persistence Core-1 Mainnet and Testnet

  • Ensuring smooth upgrades for the network

  • Engaging with validators to ensure high-quality node operations

  • Actively participating in network governance, mainly in matters relating to chain maintenance

  • Developing tools and documentation required for the seamless product development on the Core-1 chain

Working with the pSTAKE team

  • Actively supporting the pSTAKE team with necessary tools and resources as they build the liquid staking solution to issue IBC-enabled stkASSETs on the Persistence chain

  • Facilitating effective engagement with ecosystem stakeholders scale the product post-launch

Working with external development teams to build

  • Interchain DEX for yield-generating assets

  • Interchain money markets products

  • Leveraged Liquid Staking

  • Exploring other ideas around MEV, Cosmwasm tooling, yield aggregators, etc

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