There are two kinds of fees users pay on Persistence DEX:

  • Transaction Fees

  • Swap Fees

Transaction Fees

Transaction fees are paid by any user to post a transaction on the chain. The transaction fee is distributed to XPRT stakers on the network as block rewards.

Swap Fees

Swap fees are charged to all traders performing swaps in any of the pools available on Persistence DEX. Swap fees are calculated as a percentage of the swap amount specific to each pool. Swap fees are charged on the input asset of a swap (So if a user swaps ATOM for XPRT, they pay the swap fee in the form of ATOM). This is a configurable parameter decided by the Vault Admin. The default fee is set to 0.3%. The swap fee will be distributed between liquidity providers and the Persistence Community Pool as defined by the Vault Admin.


Let's say we swap 100 ATOM for XPRT on Persistence DEX, the total fees charged would include the swap fees and the transaction fees.

Swap Fees - A 0.3%(about $3 in this case) swap fee will be charged in the input asset, in this case - $ATOM

Transaction Fees - A transaction fee will be charged in $XPRT(the native asset of the chain) to execute the swap transaction on the Persistence Core-1 chain.

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