Trading Assets

Follow the steps below to perform a swap between assets on Persistence DEX:

  • Step 2 - To change an asset click on the arrow beside the token name on each block and a popup would appear.

You may now either select the token of your choice and repeat the process for the remainder of the pair.

  • Step 3 - Enter the desired amount you wish to swap.

The expected amount would be displayed on the app.

  • Step 4- Confirm swap by clicking on the "Swap" button.

  • Step 5 - Approve the Transaction on your wallet.

A snack bar will be displayed once the transaction is confirmed.

Congratulations! You've made a swap on Persistence DEX.

Setting Slippage

Slippage tolerance is the acceptable change in price during the execution of the trade.

Click on the "gear" icon on the right side of the screen, a popup would show up with a text box.

Either select the predetermined slippage tolerance by clicking on the button or enter your desired input and click on "Save Settings".

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