LPs(Liquidity Providers) can earn rewards for facilitating trades on Persistence DEX. A part of the swap fees is distributed to LPs as a reward. In addition, teams and projects can incentivize LPs with additional incentives for maintaining liquidity for their tokens.

Bonding 🤝

Liquidity providers need to bond their LP tokens for a period of 7 days to be eligible for liquidity mining rewards. LPs would still earn rewards from trading fees on unbonded tokens,

Provide Liquidity -> Mint LP Tokens -> Bond LP Tokens.

Checkout the guide for providing liquidity and bonding/unbonding tokens here 👇

During unbonding, LP shares are not eligible for external incentives, but would still receive the rewards from trading fees.

Streaming Rewards 🌊

Liquidity mining rewards on Persistence DEX can be claimed in real time, unlike on an epoch basis in most DEXs


Multistaking on Persistence DEX allows teams and projects to incentivize liquidity in pools with multiple tokens.

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